Belonging to a Community

Belonging to a Community

“Our partnership with communities strengthens the capacity to support children and families, and in turn develop thriving services. We respect the diverse cultures of children and families. We acknowledge that children belong first to a family. CSCM advocates for the development of respectful partnerships that rely upon trust, ethical behaviour and social justice. We are committed to building positive and meaningful relationships with all members of our community. These relationships are nurtured through open communication based on the principals of engagement, respect, honesty and a commitment to working towards shared goals with families.”

CSCM Mission Statement


“Parenting young children is a complex and often stressful task for many families. Education and care services can support families in their parents role by providing easily accessible and reliable information and help them to make connections with other services in the local community.”

Guide to the National Quality Framework Element 6.2.2


Strengthening communities

Research shows that children learn best with the support of knowledgeable professionals and families. CSCM early education and care services are an integral part of the community and support families in locating or accessing community resources and support agencies that may be relevant to children at families.


A range of community support services are listed below: