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Established in 2008, CSCM is a specialised organisation with the specific objective of assisting individual early childhood education and care services in meeting the needs of children and families and maintaining community ownership.


Children’s Services Community Management (CSCM) was established in February 2008 to assist small stand-alone early childhood education and care services (ECEC) whose committees either need or want help. Offering long-term senior management and support for a transfer of the Approved Provider. CSCM provides the expertise, financial control, and governance needed to operate high-quality ECEC and is currently the Approved Provider for one long day care centre and three preschools in the Hunter Region NSW.


Our education and care service philosophies are a living document that reflect the knowledge, beliefs, and values of our educators. The best interest of children is our primary consideration when referencing and reflecting on our educational programs. We acknowledge that the rights of the child are to be upheld in our daily practice, routines, experiences, and events. This includes evaluating daily practice, the timing of routines, the development of programs, and the organisation of staff. https://www.cscommunity.org.au/philosophy/


Our learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning and provide endless opportunities and possibilities that support children’s wellbeing and education.

Our physical environments are designed to support and enhance children’s learning. https://www.cscommunity.org.au/about/mission/


The CSCM Board provides strategic direction and leadership in meeting our mission statement and operate according to our values. All board members work in a voluntary capacity, and we thank them for their commitment and guidance to CSCM.

Our indoor and outdoor environments offer many opportunities to explore, discover, create and imagine.

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Teacher and little girl reading
Children with watering cans
Boy will wooden tong, triangle, and balls
Children playing with Lego
Blonde hair teacher with letter girls and letters
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