Our Values Our Beliefs

Our Values Our Beliefs

Our education and care service philosophies are a living document that reflect the knowledge, beliefs and values of our educators, children, families and the wider community. The Children’s Services Community Management (CSCM) Mission Statement is the overarching statement that supports and shapes each individual services philosophy. Each service has unique characteristics and cultures which provide the rich context for their philosophy, curriculum, programs and ways of being.

The best interest of children is our primary consideration when referencing and reflecting on our educational programs. We acknowledge that the rights of the child are to be upheld in our daily practice, routines, experiences and events. This includes evaluating daily practice, the timing of routines, the development of programs and the organisation of staff.

Mission Statement

We acknowledge that children are competent and capable within their own right, and come to us with knowledge, skills and unique ways of being. We advocate that all children have ability and knowledge to make a valued contribution to society.

Our learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning and provide endless opportunities and possibilities that support children’s wellbeing and education.

Our space and resources are arranged in the environment to empower and support children to actively engage in co-constructing their journey. Our physical environments and the atmospheres are designed to support and enhance children’s learning. Our environments reflect a respect and an appreciation for the importance of sustainability.

Our partnership with communities strengthens the capacity to support children and families, and in turn develop thriving services. We respect the diverse cultures of children and families. We acknowledge that children belong first to a family. CSCM advocates for the development of respectful partnerships that rely upon trust, ethical behaviour and social justice. We are committed to building positive and meaningful relationships with all members of our community. These relationships are nurtured through open communication based on the principals of engagement, respect, honesty and a commitment to working towards shared goals with families.

We strive to provide access to affordable quality early education and care that reflects local community culture. All of our services are self-sustaining with any surplus reinvested back into the service.

Our curriculum is a collaborative venture, negotiated with children and families, and developed by qualified early childhood professionals. We strive for excellence and leadership through delivering quality education services which are innovative and responsive to diverse family and community needs.

Current research and theory will inform our early childhood curriculum. We recognise the value and richness of children’s play as a catalyst for their learning. The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework will guide the planning process in our services. Staff, children and families will discuss, reflect on, and evaluate the curriculum as it unfolds throughout the year. Infants, toddlers and preschool aged children will be provided with a program that empowers, inspires and encourages children to further develop their knowledge and skills.

As educators we are committed to critical reflection, evaluation and will regularly assess the appropriateness of the curriculum and our daily practice. We strive to ensure true inclusion, authentic and meaningful experiences and worthwhile.

CSCM firmly believes that continuous professional development is essential for providing quality early childhood education. Industry research demonstrates that quality teaching practice is one of the most significant influences on children’s learning. CSCM believes professional development is a vital component in enhancing the quality of teaching practice and encourage educators to holds regular workshops and training programs for staff, administrators, families and others involved in early childhood.

CSCM strives to be a recognised leader in the provision of quality community based education and care.

Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics

All staff employed by CSCM abide by Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics which provide a framework for reflection about the ethical responsibilities of early childhood professionals.


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