Seaham Preschool

Seaham Preschool

About Us

Seaham Preschool is a community-based, non-profit preschool. 


We educate 20 children per day and are open Monday to Friday with extended hours of 8am to 4pm. We operate during the school terms, close during school holidays and on gazetted public holidays (no charge for these times). 


We are located within a beautiful small rural community where our environment provides a quiet and natural background to learning and exploration. Our preschool has connections and relationships with our immediate and extended community which allows for our curriculum to be strong within culture, safety and wellbeing.


Our relationship with Seaham Public School creates a positive and supportive transition into formal schooling that reassures and guides both children and families.


Our preschool is on approximately 1 and 1/2 acres offering  environments that provide opportunities for children to play while learning. Children can discover, explore, grow, imagine, experiment and foster relationships with their peers and educators using the environment as a second teacher. 


Our learning environments and educators reflect a holistic approach to learning and support children to discover their own possibilities and encourage them on their journey of education. Our educators are passionate about the education of children and supporting families through their child’s preschool journey.


Our experienced educator’s bring a vast array of skills, talents, culture and parental knowledge to the preschool. These attributes enable our educator’s to establish respectful and caring relationships whilst supporting and understanding the diversity of each child and their family.


Our Philosophy

At Seaham Preschool we create an environment to inspire shared learning, confident identities and foster a sense of belonging to our community.

Our Educational Vision

  • Inspire  • Create  • Learn


Our Director

Kelly Jarvie

Kelly holds a Diploma in Children’s Services (centre based care) and is currently completing a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching). Kelly has been working within early childhood education for over 19 years within a variety of educational settings. She has extensive knowledge and commitment to the early childhood field and values the importance of families and their involvement in each child’s learning and growth.

Having a young family herself she understands the value of relationships and connections for children and their families with the preschool and it’s community.


Contact Us

10 Torrence Street, Seaham NSW 2324

Phone: 02 4988 7126  |  Fax: 02 4988 6554