Clarence Town Preschool

Clarence Town Preschool

About Us

Clarence Town Preschool is a rural service operating in school terms between 8.15am and 3.45pm. We also offer extended hours to suit the needs of our families. We have 20 children attending our preschool each day.

Our service is set in a peaceful bushland setting surrounded by trees and nature. Our playground has been designed to encourage a balance between active, adventurous play and peaceful play. We encourage each child to work with us in our gardens and invite all family members to also be a part of this.

Our indoor environment is carefully designed to create a warm, home-like atmosphere. Each child is encouraged to be an active and involved learner with the guidance and support of our educators. We have opportunities for holistic child development.

Each of our educators is dedicated and passionate about enriching the lives and early education experiences of each child. Singing, storytelling and reading are an everyday part of our day. We bring to our service our own backgrounds and culture which we openly share with each family. We warmly welcome each family to also share aspects of their lives and culture with us.


Our Philosophy

At Clarence Town Preschool we base all that we do on respect


Respect for Worimi

We commit ourselves to learning from Worimi; to respectfully share the traditions of Worimi; to work alongside Worimi to strive for Reconciliation; to love this land as they have for so long.


Respect for childhood

Childhood brings with it wonder and discovery; it is a time to learn through doing while being supported, guided and celebrated. Each child’s way of being is unique and nurtured. Our environments are designed to inspire and delight.The ideas, views, learning needs and perspectives of the children will play a pivotal role in shaping our curriculum.


Respect for each other

Relationships are the core of our preschool.We commit to providing a space where each person feels safe, heard, welcomed and supported.Through all aspects of our program we will support the children to become positive citizens; to understand that we share our world with other people; that each person deserves our respect.


Respect for family

Preschool and family are connected in their aim to provide the best for each child. Communication will be open and based upon the knowledge that we all have the best interest of the children at heart.


Respect for teachers and pedagogy

Our teachers are passionate and dedicated professionals. Each educator is supported to continue their learning journey through professional development and the opportunity to bring their individual skills and talents to their profession.


Respect for our environment

The actions we take and the decisions that we make affect us locally and globally. Each step we take to live sustainably and in harmony with nature and our community provides a positive step for our world.


Respect for ourselves

Our program and interactions will support the growth of healthy minds and bodies. Positive food choices, physical activity and understanding of healthy choices will be supported and modelled. Positive self-image, self-esteem and mindfulness will be at the core of our program.


Our learning environment

At Clarence Town Preschool we believe that:

  • Being, belonging and becoming are fundamental aspects to our program.
  • Our program will support children to develop a strong sense of identity; to be connected with and contribute to their world; to have a strong sense of wellbeing; become confident and involved learners; become effective communicators.
  • Each child’s learning will be meaningfully and individually assessed; culturally inclusive and relevant; strength based; informed by current theories of early education; focused upon each child’s individual growth and development.
  • Families play a valuable role in informing and developing our program. We actively invite family and community participation and look to these for inspiration.
  • Children must play an active role in the development of the preschool program.
  • Our program of experiences is constantly growing and changing; it is developed through planned provisions, ongoing projects, spontaneous happenings and the current interests of the children.
  • Daily reflections are necessary to ensure that we are in tune with each child’s interests and needs.
  • Our outdoor environment is a strength of our preschool. Interactions with and within this environment will encourage exploration, wonder, positive risk-taking, discovery and a connection with nature. Our program will support children, educators, family and the wider community to develop understanding and practices for sustainable living.
  • Family members are welcome to spend time at preschool interacting with children and educators. Our preschool aims to be a place where relationships grow through mutual respect and understanding.

Our Staff

Rebecca Boland

Rebecca has worked in early childhood services since graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 1994. Rebecca has her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and spent several years educating adults in their Diploma of Children’s Services and also conducting professional development courses. Rebecca’s passions include partnerships with parents, play-based learning, the effect of quality learning environments on the experiences of children and quality leadership in the early childhood field. Rebecca is a teaching director spending four days each week with the children.


Contact Us

Prince Street, Clarence Town NSW 2321

Phone: 02 4996 4004  |  Fax: 02 4996 4013