Being a Child

Being a Child

“Our curriculum is a collaborative venture, negotiated with children and families, and developed by qualified early childhood professionals. We strive for excellence and leadership through delivering quality education services which are innovative and responsive to diverse family and community needs.


Current research and theory will inform our early childhood curriculum. We recognise the value and richness of children’s play as a catalyst for their learning. The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework will guide the planning process in our services. Staff, children and families will discuss, reflect on, and evaluate the curriculum as it unfolds throughout the year. Infants, toddlers and preschool aged children will be provided with a program that empowers, inspires and encourages children to further develop their knowledge and skills.


As educators we are committed to critical reflection, evaluation and will regularly assess the appropriateness of the curriculum and our daily practice. We strive to ensure true inclusion, authentic and meaningful experiences and worthwhile.”

CSCM Mission Statement


Valuing Children

We value children by:

  • keeping the well-being, early development and learning of children as the focus in everything we do;
  • respecting children as individuals and naturally inquisitive learners;
  • building sensitive, constructive relationships that develop confident and capable learners;
  • using current research to inform our teaching and learning;
  • supporting staff with their continuous development of knowledge and capacity as mentors, teachers and trusted colleagues of children and parents;
  • using the Early Years Learning Framework to guide our planning and relationships with children; and
  • creating environments that foster creativity, innovation, discovery, inquiry, questioning and problem solving.


The Early Years Learning Framework says:

  • early learning is particularly significant as it lays the foundation for ALL learning;
  • children, no matter how young, are respected contributing members of the community;
  • a child’s experiences are both life and preparation for life; and
  • children, even very young children, are often more competent, more intelligent, more capable than they are perceived or understood to be.


You can download learning frameworks and associated resources including Being, Belonging and Becoming – The Early Years Framework for Australia and My Time, Our Place – Framework for School Age Care in Australia here.

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