Becoming a Parent

Becoming a Parent

“The practices of educators and the relationships they form with children and families have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning. We believe that children thrive when families, educators and the wider community work together in partnership to support children’s wellbeing and learning. Partnerships with families contribute to building a strong, inclusive community within the service. Continuous, honest and open two-way communication with educators assists families to feel connected with their children’s experience in education and care and helps them develop trust and confidence in the service.


Shared decision making with families supports consistency between children’s experiences at home and at the service, helping children to feel safe, secure and supported.”

Guide to the National Quality Standard Standard 6.1 p148


Supporting children’s first teachers

Parents and staff working together:

  • CSCM staff actively support parents with their important but sometimes challenging role;
  • we know a child’s relationship with their parents is the most important for their learning and development;
  • we respect the home and family of every child and partner with you in their learning, sharing each others knowledge and experience;
  • we share current knowledge and research that shows knowledgeable families and professionals provide the best learning outcomes for children;
  • we encourage parents and staff to talk regularly to enable us to reflect and improve on our practices; and
  • each centre has a consultative group that meets regularly so parents and staff can work together to benefit families and children.

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