Management Support

Management Support

CSCM can support community based education and care services as they embark on their journey with the National Quality Framework.  CSCM management understands the intricacies of providing high quality education to young children, particularly within the considerations of the National Quality Agenda.

CSCM can provides the expertise and governance needed operate high quality education and care services.

CSCM can become the approved provider for your service. This means that CSCM will:

  • take  responsibility for the day to day operations of the services;
  • lead services through strategic planning and development, recruitment, budgeting,  payroll,  accounting requirements and accounts payable, leave entitlements, superannuation, purchasing,  professional development and educational leadership;
  • prepare all services to ensure compliance with licensing;
  • support services through the National Quality Framework;
  • manage the administration of the services in partnership with the director and develop ongoing administrative systems;
  • provide advice and access to legal services;
  • address issues relating to compliance with legislation and any concerns that may arise;
  • implement a process to identify the needs of each community and develop a model of service provision which best meets those needs, is viable and sustainable; and
  • implement policies and protocols to promote high quality management whilst reflecting the needs of the specific community.

CSCM encourages parents to form and contribute to committees as they wish. Committees can focus on fund raising, social events, curriculum, recruitment, policy development etc. In other words the opportunity for the fun without all the responsibility of the Approved Provider.

Services who wish to transfer approved provided can find out more information on the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website.

CSCM believes that services should reflect their individual communities, therefore services that transfer their approved provider to CSCM will retain their community identity.