General Employment Information

General Employment Information

  • Responsible Person – A responsible person applies only to centre based services. Under the National Law a responsible person must be physically present at a centre based service at all times that an Approved Service operates. A responsible person can be:
            • The Approved Provider; or
            • The Nominated Supervisor; or
            • A Certified Supervisor who has consented to be placed in day to day charge of the service.
  • Nominated Supervisor – The Nominated Supervisor is the person with responsibility for the day-to-day management of an Approved Service. The National Law requires that Approved Providers must not operate a service without a Nominated Supervisor for that service. In the absence of a Nominated Supervisor a certified supervisor will need to consent to filling the Nominated Supervisor role. In most cases the Nominated Supervisor will be your centre Director.
  • Director means an employee who is responsible for the day to day operation and management of the education and care service.
  • Supervisor Certificate – A Supervisor Certificate, which is a nationally recognised approval that allows a person to be appointed as the Nominated Supervisor for an Approved Service or to be temporarily placed in charge when the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor is absent. (Your Certified Supervisor will also need approved child protection training when placed in charge).
  • Educational Leader – The role of the Educational Leader will be to lead the development and implementation of the educational program (or curriculum) in the centre.
  • Co-ordinator – means an Employee, who is responsible for the management and operation of more than one education and care service, holding Early Childhood qualifications.
  • Early Childhood Teachers means an employee who has a three of four year bachelor degree in education.
  • Qualified Educator – Diploma is someone who holds a two or more year qualification such as Diploma or Advance Diploma in early childhood education and care.
  • Qualified Educator – Certificate III is someone who holds a one year qualification such as a certification in early childhood education and care.
  • Unqualified Educator – is someone who is working towards a recognised qualification.
  • Cook – is someone who is responsible for the preparation of nutritious meals for children in an education and care service.  Service Cooks are required to hold Certificate in Food Safety Certificate in Nutrition and Menu Planning.
  • Administration assistant – is someone who is responsible for general office duties that support and maintain the efficient operation of the services administration.
  • Full time – A full-time Employee means any Employee, other than a Casual, Fixed-term, or Part-time Employee, who is employed to work an average of 38 hours per week.
  • Part-time – A part-time employee is engaged to work for less than 38 ordinary hours each week with reasonably predictable hours of work.
  • Casual – A casual employee is an employee engaged for temporary and relief purposes and are  paid the hourly rate for a full time employee for the relevant classification plus a causal loading of 25%.
  • Permanent – A permanent employee means an employee who at the time of engagement is confirmed as a permanent employee and is not a Casual or Fixed Term employee
  • Short Term Contract – A position of employment for a short prearranged timeframe.
  • Temporary Contract – Positions are used generally to cover employees who are taking:
          • Parental Leave
          • Extended Leave Without Pay
          • Extended Annual Leave
          • Staff Secondments
          • Long Service Leave
  • Working With Children Check

Education and Care Qualifications

Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations your qualification is recognised if it appears on these approved qualification lists or if you obtained a qualification on a former approved qualification list on or before 31 December 2011:

Working Towards a Diploma Level Education and Care Qualification

This list contains the units of certificate III level education and care qualifications that have been approved by ACECQA for the purposes of determining whether a person is ‘actively working towards’ a diploma level education and care qualification:

First Aid, Anaphylaxis Management and Emergency Asthma Management

This list contains the first aid qualifications, anaphylaxis management training and emergency asthma management training that have been approved by ACECQA:

Individual Assessment

If your qualification is not listed and you were not recognised by your local jurisdiction immediately before 1 January 2012, then you can apply to ACECQA to have your qualification(s) assessed for equivalence: