About Us

About Us

Children’s Services Community Management (CSCM) was established to assist small stand-alone education and care services whose committees either need, or want help. Offering short term consultancy support and ongoing long term management and transitional support for a transfer of the approved provider. CSCM was established to assist management committees to strike the balance between sustainability and delivering high quality education and care services. CSCM currently is the approved provider for two long day care centres and three preschools.


CSCM can support community based education and care services as they embark on their journey with the National Quality Framework.  CSCM management understands the intricacies of providing high quality education to young children, particularly within the considerations of the National Quality Agenda.


CSCM can provides the expertise and governance needed operate high quality education and care services.


Some of the goals of CSCM education and care services are that:

  • children are valued and respected as individuals;
  • quality reflects best practice for children;
  • children learn with guidance from knowledgeable professionals;
  • children’s wellbeing, early development and learning are at the core of our work; and
  • there is a partnership with a strong, child focused community.


Our partnership with communities strengthens their capacity to support children and families, and develop thriving services that:

  • implement excellent business principles;
  • reflect the identity and needs of the local community;
  • involve the community in their operation;
  • value staff, professional development and research based contemporary practice; and
  • develop the social capital that provides the foundation for strong communities.


Because we are backed by the expertise of CELA, which has responsibility for training and resourcing many education and care services in NSW, we have access to a significant body of knowledge about what makes services work well for the children and families. We use this knowledge to ensure that our education and care services are ‘stand out’ services.