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About Us

Thornton Child Care and Preschool Centre has been in operation since 1987. Our service has a long standing reputation in the community for providing high quality education and care, by long term dedicated team members. We are very proud to offer a natural and home like environment. Our gardens have been designed with creating areas of interest for the children to encourage exploration and choice making.

Our service is a 39 place, 2 room centre. We operate for 50 weeks of the year, closing down for two weeks at Christmas time. We also close for public holidays. Our hours of operation are 7.30am-6pm. We have many excursions around our local community and also incursions from travelling shows such as “The Reptile Man”.

We encourage community and family involvement and participation thru visits from and to the local library. We also visit the local primary school as part of our transition to school program. Parents are invited to attend our Family Forums once a term and to assist with fundraisers. Parents are invited to also share any special skills or knowledge they may have with their child’s group.

Our Philosophy

At Thornton Child Care and Preschool Centre our philosophy reflects the knowledge’s, beliefs, and values of our early childhood educators, children, families and our community including current research and practice. Our philosophy consist of five components including:

  • The Child
  • The Relationships
  • The Environment
  • The Curriculum and Practice and
  • The Community.

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The Child

We believe that as educators of young children, that our image of the child plays an integral role in our everyday practice with children. We view the child as a whole person who is continually growing and developing as an individual member of our society. Through the knowledge of each child and their lives we are able to provide a supportive context for learning and enable all children to Belong, Be and Become. In all actions concerning children, the best interest of the child, be a primary consideration. (Article 3.1 UNCROC).

The Relationships

At all times we believe that all relationships with children should be secure, respectful and reciprocal. (EYLF p12).

As educators and carers we are attuned to the children’s feelings and thoughts, support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing. Through positively interacting with children, positive role modelling and social interaction, children develop confidence and feel respected and valued.

We believe that a respectful and reciprocal relationship between parents and educators is essential and parents/carers should be given many opportunities to share their ideas and aspirations for their child. We believe in the importance of providing families with the opportunity to include their family culture into the service.

The Early Years Learning Framework Principal 1 Secure Respectful & Reciprocal Relationships (p12) says ‘Educators who give priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional support can assist children to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others’.

The Environment

We believe that the design and organisation of the indoor and outdoor environments and the resources we provide should recognise children’s need for autonomy and their desire to act independently.

We believe our learning environments are welcoming spaces that reflect the lives and identities of the children and families participating in the service. We believe in the importance of providing ‘real instruments of provocations’ that provide opportunities for discovery and learning through experiences that encourage children’s ability to observe, perceive explore, investigate, imagine, and problem solve.

We believe our learning environment should be natural, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and use lots of natural elements to foster a sense of wonderment and develop an awareness of the natural environment in which we live to encourage respect and sustainability.

Curriculum and Practice

We recognize the Early Years Learning Framework as our approved curriculum and its Principals, practice’s and learning outcomes guides us.

We believe that learning is a dynamic process which is influenced by many different factors. As in the EYLF (p14) ‘Holistic approaches to teaching and learning recognise the connectedness of mind, body and spirit’. When early childhood educators take a holistic approach they pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

We believe in the importance of learning through play as it provides many wonderful opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise, imagine, create social groups, test out idea’s, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings. We believe in actively promoting children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions and intentional teaching.

The Community

Thornton Child Care and Preschool recognises the importance of our local community. We believe that as each community is diverse and the different cultures provide a rich context for learning. We believe in fostering relationships and links with in our local community including schools, library, parent forums, incursions, excursions, links to community groups and local council.


Our Staff

Suellen BoydSuellen Boyd

Director and Early Childhood Teacher

Suellen has over 26 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, in long day care, pre-school, family day care and schools. Suellen has experience in both teaching and directing roles and has a strong commitment to quality education and care for children and their families.



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Dayna GoughDayna Gough
Educator, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Dayna has been a teacher for 15 years. Dayna has a strong belief in children’s health and wellbeing and supporting physical and mental development in early childhood. Dayna works 2 days a week (Monday and Tuesday) in the preschool room.




Melissa WilliamsMelissa Williams
Educator, Certificate III in Children’s Services

Mel is a team member in our Nursery room. She is a nurturing educator who develops lovely relationships with the children.





Sue BryantSue Bryant
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Sue has been working at the service for many years. Sue is part of our Nursery Room Team. Sue has a great talent for growing thing with the children in the garden and often brings in flowers from home to share with the children.




Lynda SieverLinda Siever
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Linda works full-time in our preschool room and is wonderful at creating a play space where children can feel connected with their friends and teachers.





Tracey ElefeldtTracey Elefeldt
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Tracey is a support worker for our children with additional needs in the preschool room. Tracey has been working for about 15 years in the sector and has a strong passion for ensuring all children are included in the education program.




Katie St George

Katie Stephenson
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Katie is part of our preschool room team (Monday to Wednesday). Katie has a lovely rapport with the children and is always teaching the children a new song or story. 





Ashlea MaynellAshlea Maynell
Educator, Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching

Ashlea has a wealth of knowledge and a great passion for teaching children. Ashlea currently job shares with Dayna and is at Thornton 3 days per week.





Elsie CooperElsie Cooper
Educator, Certificate III in Children’s Services

Elsie is a member of our nursery room. Elsie has wonderful passion for ensuring children have a fun and engaging play space. Elsie also loves providing and sharing stories with the children. Elsie is part-time in the preschool room 2 days a week (Thursday and Friday).




Lisa Amidy

Lisa Amidy
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Lisa is a long time and treasured member of our staffing team and has been at Thornton for 25 years. Lisa is part of our nursery room team and has a wealth of knowledge on children’s early development. Recently Lisa was nominated for the Educator of the year awards by her colleagues in recognition of her contribution to the early childhood sector and Thornton Child Care Centre.



Viviana GudinoViviana Gudino
Certificate III in Hospitality

Viviana is our qualified cook. Viviana ensures our menus are full of wonderfully fresh and naturally flavoured, with an Argentinian twist. Viviana also loves to share stories and songs with the children in her native language.




Kathleen Dowling
Educator, Diploma in Children’s Services

Kath is a member of our nursery room team. She has a keen interest in the environment and including natural learning activities in the curriculum. Kath works full-time in the 0-3 room.




Kayla Heien
Educator, Certificate III in Children’s Services

Kayla successfully completed her traineeship with us and is now an educator in our nursery room. Kayla is wonderful with the children and brings beautiful nurturing and calming presence to the room. Kayla works full-time in the preschool room.




Alyssa Pustolla

Alyssa Pustolla
Educator, Certificate III in Children’s Services

Alyssa completed her traineeship with us and now takes on the role of support worker (Inclusion Support) in the preschool room. Alyssa brings with her much energy and enthusiasm to Early Childhood Education. 





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2 Welwin Cresent, Thornton NSW 2322

Phone: 02 4966 5975  |  Fax: 02 4966 5985

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