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Clarence Town Preschool

About Us

Clarence Town Preschool is a rural service operating in school terms between 9.15am and 3.15pm. We also offer extended hours to suit the needs of our families. We have 20 children attending our preschool each day.

Our service is set in a peaceful bushland setting surrounded by trees and nature. Our playground has been designed to encourage a balance between active, adventurous play and peaceful play. We encourage each child to work with us in our gardens and invite all family members to also be a part of this.

Our indoor environment is carefully designed to create a warm, home-like atmosphere. Each child is encouraged to be an active and involved learner with the guidance and support of our educators. We have opportunities for holistic child development.

Each of our educators is dedicated and passionate about enriching the lives and early education experiences of each child. Singing, storytelling and reading are an everyday part of our day. We bring to our service our own backgrounds and culture which we openly share with each family. We warmly welcome each family to also share aspects of their lives and culture with us.

Our Philosophy

At Clarence Town Preschool we believe that the people involved with our centre and the relationships they have are the core of our service. We believe that our preschool has been entrusted with the responsibility to assist each child to become a successful learner; a confident and creative individual and an active and informed citizen.

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At Clarence Town Preschool we believe that children:

  • Are individuals who come to us with their own strengths, experiences, intelligences and dispositions for learning.
  • Have the right to inclusion within our preschool. Educators and management will work with professionals and support agencies to ensure equity of access and inclusion for children who have additional needs.
  • Belong firstly to a family and that each family is unique in its beliefs, culture and practices. Family partnership within our preschool is vital in ensuring continuity for each child’s learning and development.
  • Learn best through play in an environment that is stimulating, well planned, supportive of their strengths, dispositions and interests and encourages them to experiment and take calculated risks in a safe and secure environment.
  • Are co-contributors to their learning together with their family members, educators and the wider community.
  • Are capable people who are full of potential.
  • Are avid explorers of the world around them and need an environment that both supports and encourages this exploration.
  • Continue to develop their understanding of how they contribute and are connected to their physical and social environments.
  • Have the right to learn, grow and develop in their own time.
  • Have a strong sense of identity that must be honoured and reflected within the preschool environment. This identity also includes being a valued member of our preschool family.


At Clarence Town Preschool we believe that our educators:

  • Play a valuable role in supporting the rights of each child and family within the service.
  • Come to the service with their own unique culture, beliefs, practices, experiences and strengths.
  • Have the responsibility to ensure that their practices reflect current theories of early childhood development through ongoing learning and reflective practices.
  • Take on many roles within their work with young children: observer, facilitator, intentional teacher, scaffolder, proposer of ideas, audience, active play participant, negotiator and social facilitator.
  • Will take an active role within our field through regular attendance at training, networking with fellow professionals and contributing to the training and mentoring of students.
  • Have the responsibility to work with the children and their families to create learning environments that are stimulating, challenging, aesthetically pleasing, reflective and inclusive of diversity and help children to be connected to the natural world.
  • Need to reflect on their own cultural competence in order to work effectively with all members of the preschool community.
  • Will build strong relationships with the local community, recognising that the preschool plays an important role in Clarence Town.
  • Must at all times uphold ethical practice.
  • View each child holistically and are responsive to each child’s strengths, abilities and interests.
  • Use both intentional teaching and spontaneous moments to support the learning of each child.
  • Can create meaningful and memorable experiences for each child that help to create a sense of wonder and maintain the magic that is childhood.

Our learning environment

At Clarence Town Preschool we believe that:

  • Being, belonging and becoming are fundamental aspects to our program.
  • Our program will support children to develop a strong sense of identity; to be connected with and contribute to their world; to have a strong sense of wellbeing; become confident and involved learners; become effective communicators.
  • Each child’s learning will be meaningfully and individually assessed; culturally inclusive and relevant; strength based; informed by current theories of early education; focused upon each child’s individual growth and development.
  • Families play a valuable role in informing and developing our program. We actively invite family and community participation and look to these for inspiration.
  • Children must play an active role in the development of the preschool program.
  • Our program of experiences is constantly growing and changing; it is developed through planned provisions, ongoing projects, spontaneous happenings and the current interests of the children.
  • Daily reflections are necessary to ensure that we are in tune with each child’s interests and needs.
  • Our outdoor environment is a strength of our preschool. Interactions with and within this environment will encourage exploration, wonder, positive risk-taking, discovery and a connection with nature. Our program will support children, educators, family and the wider community to develop understanding and practices for sustainable living.
  • Family members are welcome to spend time at preschool interacting with children and educators. Our preschool aims to be a place where relationships grow through mutual respect and understanding.


Our Staff

Rebecca BolandRebecca Boland

Rebecca has worked in early childhood services since graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 1994. Rebecca has her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and spent several years educating adults in their Diploma of Children’s Services and also conducting professional development courses. Rebecca’s passions include partnerships with parents, play-based learning, the effect of quality learning environments on the experiences of children and quality leadership in the early childhood field. Rebecca is a teaching director spending four days each week with the children.

Samira LeggettSamira Leggett
Educator, Certificate III in Children’s Services

Samira is an educator who brings to us a flair for environmental learning and creative play. Samira holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services and is currently working towards her Diploma of Children’s Services qualification. Samira shares her love of and experience with the New Zealand culture with us and provides a program rich with diversity. Our children love to be entertained by Samira’s stories about her two beautiful children and their adventures!


Lynda SkinnerLynda Skinner
Educator, Associate Diploma

Lynda has many years of experience working in early childhood services. Lynda has her Associate Diploma of Children’s Services. Lynda brings to us a love of storytelling and an interest in hands-on creative learning. Lynda is a parent of three children and demonstrates a strength in developing strong partnerships with families.




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Prince Street, Clarence Town NSW 2321

Phone: 02 4996 4004  |  Fax: 02 4996 4013

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